What Does Defense in Boxing Look Like?

What Does Defense in Boxing Look Like?

If you are wondering what does defense in boxing look like, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss different techniques for blocking, covering up and stance. These techniques are essential for your boxing game and will help you make the most of every opportunity.


The stance in boxing refers to how you stand. Different stances are used in different fighting styles. A wide stance, for example, will give you a greater range and give you more power in your punches. A sideways stance, on the other hand, will give you great mobility and range, but this type of stance will also narrow your target.

When boxing, the basic stance requires boxers to stand shoulder width apart. This position is important for both defense and attack because it will help protect your points of impact. For beginners, it is especially important to make sure that their stances are correct. Many coaches will check your stance by pressing down on your chest or shoulder to see if you are balanced. If you have an unbalanced stance, you may have difficulty with your technique.

A wide stance is similar to the basic stance but has more distance between your feet and knees. This position is advantageous if you are a heavy puncher or want to counter with power. You can also lift the heel of your back foot off the ground. This technique is often used by fighters who want to emphasize power.

Boxers often switch stances to confuse their opponents. For example, a switch between the orthodox and southpaw stance can cause your opponent to eat punches from a wide range of angles. Switch-hitting, when used correctly, can increase the power of a punch. It will cause your opponent to think twice before hitting you again.


Practicing boxing defense can be a great way to reduce your chances of getting hit in the head. The basics of this move are relatively easy to learn, but it is important to keep the mechanics of ducking accurate and simple. Using both legs to duck is essential to avoid injuries and keep your back straight.

If you are facing a punch from the other side, ducking is a crucial move to use. It allows you to move to the inside line of the opponent’s body so you can counter-punch. The right way to duck a punch is to move to the inside line, to the right when facing a right-handed opponent, and to the left or right when facing a left-handed opponent. Do not move to the outside line because this will give your opponent’s arm time to block your punch.

In boxing, staying on your feet is an essential part of defending against straight punches. By staying on your feet, you can jab without being knocked down. When you are on the ground, you are more vulnerable to knees and kicks. Also, ducking invites knees and kicks. When you do get hit, avoid watching the opponent and try not to get hit on the head.

Rolling under shots

Rolling under shots in boxing is an evasive technique that can be used to counterattack a punch. Unlike other evasive techniques, which require more movement and precise footwork, rolling under a shot will allow you to load up your rear hand and land a devastating punch. By using this technique, your opponent will often overcommit and become unbalanced, leaving you with the opportunity to fire an uppercut or right straight.

Rolling under a shot in boxing is a foundational move for many fighters. The technique consists of bobbing your head and weaving with your body as a punch approaches. After the punch has been evaded, the boxer then weaves back to an upright position. This move is best used after a right hand has been thrown and after an evasive hook.

This technique is not new in the world of boxing. In fact, it was used by some of the best boxers in history, including Floyd Mayweather. Although Mayweather never invented the shoulder roll, he incorporated it into his style by borrowing techniques from other boxers. In other words, rolling under a shot is a traditional, tried and tested defensive option.

In addition to blocking punches with the lead hand, rolling under a shot with your shoulder is a defensive strategy that uses your shoulder and rear hand to deflect an opponent’s punches. By rolling under a punch, you are protecting your most vulnerable part of your head, which can be easily grazed. Rolling under a shot in boxing can be a life saver if you have a tough opponent.

Covering up

In boxing, covering up is a defensive technique that is used to block punches to the head and upper body. It involves raising the arms above the head and tucking the chin. It also involves pressing the elbows against the waist. This technique should be used in conjunction with trunk rotation to maximize protection against body shots. The technique is often a last resort when a fighter is caught up against the ropes.

Covering is an important defensive strategy. The technique can be performed on three levels, each involving different levels of execution. In Physical Defense, the cover is a shield that absorbs an opponent’s attack. In Counter Defense, the covered person must respond to the strikes of the opponent in order to prevent further damage.

In addition to blocking punches, covering up gives you breathing space, which allows you to remain focused during the fight. Covering up gives you a few seconds to recover after an opponent hits you, allowing you to deliver your own strikes in return. During this time, your opponent will be unable to make much damage and will eventually tire out.


Evasion is an important technique in boxing. While it is similar to counterattacking, this technique is used in combination with an offensive motion to put an attacker offline. A common example is the Geksai evasion, which is designed to land a hammer first to the back of the head. This technique allows the boxer to track the attacker’s head and stay in a good defensive position.

Rolling away from straight punches

Rolling away from straight punches is one of the most important boxing skills you can master. This technique will significantly reduce the force of your opponent’s blow. It’s a skill that can be easily learned, even by beginners. When you throw a punch, you should turn your head and body in the direction of the blow, whether it’s an uppercut or a body shot.

One way to roll away from a straight punch is to move away from the punch and take a shoulder roll. Many professional boxers use this technique in their sparring sessions. It’s a defensive tactic used against opponents who have weak punching power or are late to the fight.

Another way to roll away from a straight punch is to bend at the knees. This will protect your chin against hooks and inside punches. In order to do this, you should begin in your boxing stance. Then, when your opponent throws a hook, send your hips back. In addition, you should bend your knees like you would in a squat and shift your weight from your leg to the other.

Another effective way to roll away from a straight punch is to roll away from it completely. This tactic works particularly well if you’re a southpaw. By doing this, you’ll avoid your opponent’s left hand and reduce the force of their punch.

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