Where to Keep Your Phone While Running

Where to Keep Your Phone While Running

You may be wondering where to keep your phone while running. The good news is that there are a variety of options available for runners, and more are being added all the time. You may find that you need to try more than one solution before finding one that works for you. Read on to learn about a few great options that keep your phone safe while you run.

TRIBE armband

When you run or workout, you will want to keep your phone near you, and the TRIBE armband is an excellent option. This armband has multiple functions, including letting you use the phone’s GPS or map, and keeping it safe from the elements. It’s also waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

The armband itself is made of top-grade leatherette and features a quick release system that allows you to access your phone in seconds. The rotatable design also means that you can easily remove it if you need to reach for your phone. This makes it easy to use and reduces the risk of phone drops while running or working out.

The armband also keeps the phone safe and offers an anti-tangle headphone cord organizer. You can use FaceID or the front camera to unlock your phone while you are running. It is made with water-resistant materials and has an extra-wide band. In addition to this, the TRIBE armband is made with materials that are highly responsive to touch and have anti-bacterial properties.

The Armband is made of durable recycled fabric with a memory foam back. It fits snugly around your arm and prevents it from sliding or chafing. It also has Velcro that holds it securely on your arm. Its reflective details will help you stay visible when running in low-light conditions. The armband also features a zippered pocket for keys, wireless headphones, or other small items.

The TRIBE Armband makes running much easier with its waterproof design and features. The streamlined design of the holder also allows you to use the touch screen on your phone without worrying about getting the phone out of your pocket.

PinkBomb shorts

If you’ve ever run with your phone in your pocket, you’ll appreciate the built-in pockets on the PinkBomb shorts. These shorts also feature a zipper pocket on the waistband, which will keep your phone safely out of sight while you run. These shorts also feature an inner pocket with an old-school headphone hole. You can also play music from your phone while working out. They’re made by world-renowned brand Nike, so you can expect excellent comfort while running.

The Outer Layer Shorts are made of mesh fabric for breathability. The fabric is smooth and comfortable to wear. They feature a built-in phone pocket and headphone jack, as well as a pair of large pockets and a concealed zip pocket. This feature makes them the perfect choice for runners and other active people who need a place to keep their phone while training.

Freetrain vest

The Freetrain vest is a great place to carry your cell phone while running. It is made of high-quality material and is adjustable to fit almost any size. The straps on the sides make it easy to slip it on over your head. It also fits snugly against your body, so it won’t bounce around while you’re running. You can access your phone easily through the clear window on the back of the vest, which makes it easy to see what’s happening on your phone.

The Freetrain Vest has a convenient phone pouch that fits 99% of contemporary phones. The pouch contains an adaptor that connects to your phone and will keep it secure. The chest-mounted flip-down phone case also gives you easy access to your phone’s status while you’re running, and it offers a better, more secure way to carry your phone while running than an armband.

The Freetrain vest has many benefits, including a phone pouch in the middle of the chest. It also has a plastic screen cover that keeps the screen covered during the run. You can pause an app or take a photo, which is an important feature for runners. In addition to the phone pouch, the Freetrain vest also has a left shoulder pocket, which is useful for keeping earphones and keys. The vest can also fit a small snack or other small items.

The Freetrain vest is a stylish place to keep your phone while running. It can be purchased in black or reflective material, and will match most other running gear you own. It also features multiple reflective elements to improve your visibility in the dark. The Freetrain Vest has been worn by celebrities like Colson Smith and David Beckham.


If you’re a runner, you know the importance of having a place to store your phone. A waist belt or armband can be a great option, but you need to be sure the device is secured. Your phone isn’t safe in your shoe, either, so you should keep it in a safe place.

A bra pocket can be a good place to store your phone while running. However, you have to be sure it’s waterproof. In addition to being difficult to access, a bra pocket can also become loose during your run. You should also make sure the bra is designed with the phone’s size in mind.

There are several other options for storing your phone while running. While many of them are free, they won’t protect the phone from being soaked in sweat or dropped on the pavement. Handling your phone while running is also a distraction and can lead to hand cramps. Plus, you’re more likely to drop it if you hold it tightly.

Another option for a safe and convenient place to keep your phone while running is to wear a running vest. Unlike a handbag or a backpack, a running vest is a versatile piece of clothing that won’t restrict your movement while you run. They also feature chest pockets that are zipped for convenience.

Another option is to use a compression bra. This keeps you secure and allows for breathability. It also has two armpit pockets for small items. A phone can slide into these pockets, where it’s out of the way and bounce-free. If you’re running while holding your phone, however, you’ll have to bend over to reach for it. The phone may also be damaged by sweat.

Running belt

If you’re running on a regular basis but are concerned about losing your phone, you might want to invest in a running belt. These are designed to be lightweight and have multiple functions. Some even feature a zippered pocket and are water-resistant. They have space for a smartphone and a small tablet, and some are made for carrying large items like a water bottle.

Initially, only men’s running gear featured pockets, but women’s running apparel is now getting similar features. The best running belts are designed to keep your phone securely in place and distribute the weight of the phone evenly. This design makes them easier to wear, reducing the chances of chafing and snagging.

If you’re looking for a running belt that will securely hold your phone, one of the best options is the FlipBelt, which is thin and adjustable. This belt secures around the waist and has a large pouch that can fit an iPhone. Because it’s adjustable, it keeps your phone in place while running and prevents it from falling out.

When you purchase a running belt, make sure you get one that has enough room for all of your running essentials. Some running belts have pockets to hold water bottles, snacks, and even a packable jacket. Some even include race bib toggles. A running belt is a great aid for all types of runners.

A running belt can be machine-washed or dry. Some don’t come with water bottles, so you will have to get a separate one for that purpose. A running belt should fit comfortably on your body, so try on a few to find the right one. Buying multiple belts can be a good option if you want to carry more than one phone.

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